The Seven Ways of Awakening

MSQ B1 - The Seven Ways of Awakening

MSQ B1 - The Seven Ways of Awakening

The Seven Ways of Awakening

Having read many books and talked to many people on a Spiritual Journey in this lifetime, it seems that there are Seven Ways of Awakening:

  1. Being Born That Way. There are many reports of Masters born into this world completely or nearly completely Awakened, Jesus being the most famous story in our culture.
  2. Divine Intervention. There are reports of lightning bolt and burning bush experiences where God / Source / Consciousness reached down and permanently opened the eyes and hearts of someone. Sometimes there is a lot of drama associated with the event, and sometimes the inner eye is gently opened.
  3. Psychotropic Drugs. Cultures all over the world have used LSD, peyote, mescaline, THC, and many other substances to produce a temporary enhanced state of consciousness, showing the way for a more permanent experience.
  4. Near Death Experiences. Car crashes, heart attacks, and other near-death experiences can cause people to see the Light. In the case of head injuries, the experience can be permanent.
  5. Extreme Emotional Pain. Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie came to their Awakening through extreme emotional pain. Then one morning, they each simply woke up to their own Higher Consciousness.
  6. One Dramatic Choice. Some people I know simply demanded or otherwise chose to become Awakened in one moment of extreme clarity and stepping into their power.
  7. The Path of Many Choices involves discovering and overcoming fears and perceived limitations day by day, and hour by hour. After years of practice, Awakening becomes a habit and a normal state of being.

I know I have experienced several of these paths, most notably Divine Intervention (as I occasionally have a seemingly assisted event) and psychotropic drugs (I went to college in the late 60’s and early 70’s). I have tried the One Dramatic Choice path many times, but it doesn’t seem to work for me, and while I have experienced Extreme Emotional Pain, I never snapped into a Permanent Awakened State as a result.

My path remains the Path of Practice, of making the choice at the start of every day and many times throughout the day to Remember, Embrace, and Become The Angel Within, to return to that Glorious Condition.

And I am more ready than ever for a little more Divine Intervention. 🙂

What Ways of Awakening do you see? Which ones have you experienced? Are you engaging in The Practice of Awakening?

Suggested Exercise: Make a list of the Enlightened Masters that you have heard of, read about, or met, and note the ways in which they became Awakened.

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