Being Fair with someone is something I do for them, but it is also something I do for myself.

Here’s what I see:

  • Being Generous and Kind is Fair only if the gift is cheerfully given, for the joy of supporting and helping someone. Otherwise, it is not Fair to me – it is an obligation.

  • Being Fair and Generous or Fair and Kind means leaving a little on the table for the other person. It means donating a little to the long-term relationship. That way, I never feel like I am taking advantage of someone.

  • Being Fair and Firm is necessary when the other person wants something that takes me out of balance and makes me feel weak or diminished in some way. If I am not firm, I am not being Fair to me.

  • Being Fair and Tough is called for when the other person is insistent or manipulative. Then it is time to stand my ground and decline the invitation to go to battle. That's Fair to me, too.

I never go into the energy of cruelty or revenge,

        because that isn’t Fair to anyone.

Are you always Fair to others and Fair to yourself? When are you not?

Suggested Exercise: The next time you feel a little out of balance, say so. Be Fair.

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